Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Before diving into what is the best office chair for Sciatica pain for you, let’s understand some background behind Sciatica.

Research says that around 40% of people in the US experience Sciatica sometime in their life. Sciatica, more commonly known as back pain, is the third most common reason in the USA for visiting their doctor.

Sciatica can be defined in medical terms as nerve pain caused by injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve present in the buttock or gluteal area of your body.

It can usually last for about a week and be treated at home by practicing proper health care. But before looking into the options for best ergonomic office chair for sciatica pain, let’s try to understand what leads to Sciatica, what are its symptoms, and what measures can we take to avoid such pain.

What causes sciatica?

Several reasons lead to Sciatica –


Your spine carries most of your body weight. The weight you carry in your front body is the weight that the back of your body has to lift. When the weight increases, it can lead to an increase in the amount of work that the back muscles have to do and lead to back strain and eventual pain.

Nature of Job

If you are someone whose daily job consists of a lot of physical work and heavy lifting, you might develop Sciatica. Even jobs that require long hours of sitting in one place with no exercise or movement of the body can lead to pain. The balance between physical stress and your profession must be maintained at all times to reduce the possibility of developing back pain.

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The posture you maintain while sitting at work (or sitting in general for that matter) or while doing any exercises determines the load you put on your back. In addition, a good posture decreases the chances of back pain problems.

Other health issues

Having other health problems like diabetes or osteoarthritis can be a major factor in Sciatica. Pregnancy can also cause back pain due to the change in hormones and the loosening up of the ligaments that hold the spine table together. If you also have a naturally weak core or smoke and lead an inactive lifestyle, you are prone to the disease.

People suffering from Sciatica often note that the pain they feel is sharp shoots, bursts, or jolts of pain experienced mostly in the lower leg compared to the lower back.

What are the symptoms of Sciatica?

  • Loss of feeling, numbness, or weakness in the lower back, leg, buttock, or feet.
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Sharp bursts of pain in the lower leg, a burning sensation, maybe
  • Loss of movement due to severe pain in the limbs

Choosing the right furniture for Sciatica

When it comes to taking measures to avoid Sciatica pain, you can start by changing the furniture of your house, especially the chairs or the places or surfaces that you sit on frequently. We have noted down some problems that your furniture might have and possibly be a lead cause in leading to pain in your back –

Soft and Hard mattresses

Even though soft mattresses seem comfortable and bouncy, they are the root causes of a loss in spinal support, making you more prone to back pain. Choose mattresses that are the right proportion of soft and rigid to ensure that your spine gets the support they need.

Work Desk and Chair Alignment

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle that requires working on the computer for prolonged time intervals, you need to ensure that your computer and your eye are on the same level. An elevation on reduction in height may lead to a leaning or a slumping posture which isn’t good for the spine.

Foot Resting

Whenever you purchase any piece of furniture for sitting, make sure that your feet land flat on the ground. For example, if your legs are dangling in the air, if you are seated on a recliner, that’s okay, but you should make sure that your feet are on the ground to ensure proper balance while sitting for work or any other purposes.

Back support

If the back support your furniture provides is not good enough, it’s time to change the furniture you own. Sitting for prolonged hours without proper back support makes you slouch down and work, which can aggravate Sciatica pain. Choosing a piece of furniture that allows your back to stay upright is hence extremely important.


Armrests are as important as backrests. Having armrests at a proper height allows you to lift your shoulders and, as a result, relax the pressure on your spine. Thus the options we selected for the best office chair for someone with sciatica pain also considers having good arm rests as one of the must-haves.

Most Americans have to sit at work even though they despise it. The growing number of sedentary jobs and the subsequent decline in physical activity and movement is also a major reason for health complications. In such a scenario, maintaining a good posture while working and also after working is important. This is where everyone starts looking at what the best office chair for sciatica relief might look like.

Features to look for in the Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Having discussed the have’s and have not’s of furniture you own, let us look at the features you should look for and consider while buying a office chair for Sciatica.

Size of the chair

The available space in your office (or home office) should dictate the size of the chair that you buy. You don’t want the chair ending up in some odd corner of the drawing-room or corner off the office where you can’t relax properly, especially if you are looking for the best office chair for Sciatica relief.


There is a glut of chairs available if you look for the best office chair for sciatica in the market today. So choose the one that best suits all of your requirements, the points mentioned above for optimal furniture and your pockets too. Chair for Sciatica shouldn’t be a pain to your wallet!

Additional features

Some chair models come equipped with special functionalities like massage options, neck support, and zero gravity positioning. If your budget permits, the best office chair for sciatica for you would come with these advanced technical features that help you relax your back more, making it the best chair for Sciatica relief for you.

Depth and Width

The ideal chair must have the optimal level of depth and the right amount of width to help you sit better. Office chair is usually 17 to 10 inches wide. Also, look out for the lumbar support that the chair offers, the right lumbar support allows your lower spine to rest in a natural inward curvature and makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

5 Options for the Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Even when we have made all of the features clear, it is hard to choose from the variety available in the market! Therefore, we have tried to compress the huge amount of available data into a concise and curated list of options for the Best Office Chair for Sciatica for you.

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair is one of the best and the most recommended product in the market for people looking for an office chair for Sciatica relief.

The recliner is covered with a breathable, soft fabric and is also coated with sufficient padding to ensure the user’s comfort.

Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair: best office chair for sciatica relief
Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

The back of the recliner can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 165 degrees, and you can choose the inclination that is best suited for the task at hand, like reading, sitting, watching TV, or even sleeping. It is a good chair that also offers a vibration massage to help you alleviate the pain caused by Sciatica symptoms.

The curved armrests, the choice of grey color (that easily complements living room décor in most households), and the adjustable footrest make this product a lucrative alternative compared to the other products available. Hence, it is a budget-friendly chair suited for use in the drawing-room or the theatre (tv) room.

Current Market Price - $139.99
Buy Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair from Amazon

U-Max Recliner Power Lift Chair

U-Max Recliner Power Lift Chair is a little on the expensive side when considering the options available as an office chair for Sciatica relief, but it comes with the special features that make it worth the price.

U-Max Recliner Power Lift Chair for sciatica
U-Max Recliner Power Lift Chair

It is essentially a massage chair with five different massage modes – auto, normal, pulse, press, and wave. You can choose a model according to your need at the moment and also considering the area of the body you want to relax the most (leg, lumbar, or back).

It is made of PU leather and has extra cushioning at the top so that you can relax your neck. There are two remote controls to operate the device, one the reclining lift and the other controls massage options.

You don’t need extra batteries or a space to store the remote controls as they can be kept in the side pockets near the armrests. The only thing we don’t like about it is the leather fabric which sometimes makes you feel sweaty and sticky.

But you can always check the fabric texture and comfort level by visiting a local store nearby and make a decision accordingly.

Current Market Price - $389.99
Buy U-Max Recliner Power Lift Chair from Amazon

Christopher Knight Home Walter Recliner

There are a lot of reasons why we have chosen Christopher’s Knight Home Walter Recliner to be a part of our top 5 options for office chair for Sciatica.

Christopher Knight Home Walter Recliner
Christopher Knight Home Walter Recliner

The moment you sit on the chair, its footrest pops out to make space for your legs to relax on. It has a breathable textile fabric that allows air circulation and light beige color with most living room décors.

The legs of this chair are made out of extremely durable birch wood. The armrests are also well padded and provide rest and comfort for your shoulders. Well, this might be the best office chair for sciatica for you!

You can enjoy the highest and most sophisticated caliber of relaxation and comfort in this recliner chair, making it one of the best options for chair for Sciatica relief!

Current Market Price - $317.29
Buy Christopher Knight Home Walter Recliner from Amazon

Mcombo Swivelling Recliner Chair

This chair is for the people looking for an office chair for Sciatica relief and who prefer old-fashioned chairs more. Mombo’s Recliner chair chairs come with a matching ottoman that helps you relax your legs while reclining.

Mcombo Swivelling Recliner Chair for sciatica
Mcombo Swivelling Recliner Chair

Once you find a good position and angle for sitting, the chair adjusts automatically with even the slight movement of your body. It reclines up to 140 degrees and has a sturdy swivel base that makes a 360-degree swivel effortless.

The only downside of this product is that you need extra space for storing the ottoman in your house or your office. Still, it is one of the best options as an office chair for Sciatica relief!

Current Market Price – $329.9
Buy Mcombo Swivelling Recliner Chair from Amazon

Alpha Home Recliner Chair

Alpha Home Recliner Chair can be used for multiple purposes, and is one of the options for the best office chair for Sciatica.

It has a single push button that changes the inclination of the chair between 95, 120, 140, and 160 degrees enabling you to watch a movie, eat food, read a book and take a nap all on the same chair.

Alpha Home Recliner Chair for sciatica
Alpha Home Recliner Chair

It can be used for home use or also at the workplace as a single sofa. Besides these features, it also comes with extremely easy installation steps and accessories. The chair can be assembled in literally 10 to 15 minutes and can also be cleaned easily using a cloth or vacuum.

Its weight capacity is also more than the other products that we have mentioned and hence can be a comfy chair for daily use.

Current Market Price - $349.99
Buy Alpha Home Recliner Chair from Amazon


A recliner chair is an invaluable investment for people struggling with Sciatica pain and looking for an office chair for Sciatica relief. Such chair will help to reduce the strain in the back that is mainly caused by bad sitting postures.

Even though we have listed down some of the best options for office chair for Sciatica and their reviews according to our opinion and understanding, we urge you to check more products that are available because the best chair is the one that suits and fulfils your needs.

You can buy an office chair for Sciatica relief at local furniture stores or also on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Please check the details of the manufacturer, the expected features, and the warranty period if applicable before making any purchases on chair for Sciatica.

If you have any questions about choosing the best office chair for Sciatica relief, please let us know in the comments section! Also, if you liked reading the article, please share it with your family, friends, or anyone looking for a office chair for Sciatica relief!

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