The Best Furry Body Pillow Buying Guide

Furry body pillows, or dakimakura, are a type of body pillow with a furry cover. These pillows have become increasingly popular among the furry community and those who appreciate a furry pillow’s soft, cozy feeling.

This article will explore the world of furry body pillows, discussing their history, benefits, and where to buy them.

History of Furry Body Pillows

The history of body pillows can be traced back to ancient Japan, where they were called “makura.” Makura was designed to provide support and comfort while sleeping, and they were often made of silk or other soft fabrics.

In the early 2000s, dakimakura became popular in Japan, featuring anime characters printed on the covers. As the furry community grew, furries took little time to adopt the dakimakura as their own. They also started creating custom covers featuring their fursonas.

Benefits of Furry Body Pillows

Furry body pillows offer several benefits beyond a comfortable place to rest your head. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider investing in a furry body pillow:


Furry body pillows are made of soft, cozy materials to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable while sleeping or lounging.

Emotional Support

Many furries find that having a dakimakura with their fursona on it can provide emotional support, helping them feel less alone or anxious.


Furry body pillows can be a fun way to decorate your bedroom or living space, adding a touch of personality and whimsy to your decor.


For some furries, collecting dakimakura has become a hobby. With so many different designs available, there’s always something new to add to your collection. 

Common Designs in Furry Body Pillows

Depending on the target audience’s preferences, furry body pillows can come in various designs. Here are some common designs you may find:

Furry animals

One of the most popular designs for furry body pillows is that of furry animals, such as cats, dogs, foxes, wolves, and bears. These pillows may feature realistic or stylized depictions of the animals, with fur-like textures and colors that mimic the animal’s natural coat.

Fantasy creatures

Some furry body pillows may feature designs of fantasy creatures, such as dragons, unicorns, and griffins. These pillows may feature bright colors, patterns, and whimsical details that appeal to fans of fantasy and mythology.

Anthro characters

Another popular design for furry body pillows is that of anthropomorphic characters, also known as “anthros.” These designs typically feature animals with human-like characteristics, such as clothing, accessories, and facial expressions.

Abstract designs

Some furry body pillows, such as geometric patterns or colorful swirls, feature abstract designs. These designs appeal to those who prefer a more modern and artistic style.

Custom designs

Some furry body pillows may feature custom designs. These include personalized character creations or original artwork by the pillow’s designer. These designs may be unique to a particular seller or artist and highly sought after by collectors or fans of their work.

[LIST] Best Furry Body Pillow You Can Buy Right Now

Let’s dive into each product to help you make the best decision.

AOYEGO Cow Skin Throw Furry Body Pillow Cover

The AOYEGO Cow Skin Throw Furry Pillow Cover is a decorative pillowcase made of 50% cotton and 50% linen with two-sided printing.

AOYEGO Cow Skin Throw Furry Body Pillow Cover
AOYEGO Cow Skin Throw Furry Body Pillow Cover: Amazon

It measures 18×18 inches (45 x 45 cm) and features a hidden zipper opening design that prevents deformity and pilling.

The pillowcase can be machine-washed or hand-washed and is suitable for sofas, beds, couches, chairs, and bay windows. It suits men, women, boys, girls, and seniors and can be gifted to family members, friends, and colleagues.

The pillowcase is sold without an insert and has a 100% full refund guarantee.

XeGe Cozy 21×54 Long Furry Body Pillow

The XeGe Cozy 21×54 Long Furry Body Pillow is a luxurious body pillow cover of high-quality shaggy plush faux fur on one side and ultra-soft matching crystal velvet on the other.

It measures 21×54 inches and has a zipper closure, making it easy to put on and take off.

XeGe Cozy 21x54 Long Furry Body Pillow
XeGe Cozy 21×54 Long Furry Body Pillow: Amazon

The pillow cover is available in various colors to match any room decor and has passed the OEKO-TEX certification. This makes it skin and pet-friendly with no fading, shedding, or pilling.

The cover is suitable for protecting body pillows or combined with a body pillow insert to support hips, back, neck, and stomach. This also makes it an excellent choice for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and pregnant women.

It can also be used for decorating bedrooms, guest rooms, dorm rooms, and kids’ bedrooms.

The cover can be machine-washed or hand-washed with cold water and gentle, low-temperature drying without heat. It should not be bleached or ironed.

Milliard Full Body Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

The Milliard Full Body Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Its features include:

  • Genuine shredded memory foam filling that contours to the body’s curves and movements, providing a night of restful sleep.
  • The accessible inner cover allows comfort customization by adding or removing shredded memory foam.
  • Ultra-soft faux fur outer cover that is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Measures 20×54 inches, large enough to relax the entire body, and great for pregnancy support.
  • It can elevate the back, legs, or arms and is suitable for all sleepers.
  • Ships vacuum-packed and CertiPUR certified.
  • Makes a great gift for loved ones.
Milliard Full Body Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam
Milliard Full Body Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam: Amazon

The pillow’s description emphasizes its ability to relieve stress, soothe aches, and offer full-body support for comfortable sleep.

The accessible inner cover and machine-washable outer cover are convenient for maintaining the pillow’s cleanliness and comfort.

The pillow’s size and ability to elevate body parts make it versatile for various uses, such as pregnancy support or general relaxation after a long day.

WhatsBedding Sherpa Black Furry Body Pillow with Removable Washable Cover

The WhatsBedding Sherpa Black Body Pillow with Removable Washable Cover is designed to provide warmth, softness, and support for a comfortable sleeping experience.

WhatsBedding Sherpa Black Furry Body Pillow with Removable Washable Cover

WhatsBedding Sherpa Black Furry Body Pillow with Removable Washable Cover: Amazon

It comes with a premium sherpa cover that is smooth and skin-friendly, making it suitable for maintaining body contours and supporting the shoulders, hips, abdomen, and back.

The pillow is filled with high-quality polyester that is firm and fluffy, providing gentle support and sufficient comfort for the head and neck. The pillow measures 20″ x 54″ and comes vacuum-packed for shipping. But it will regain its original shape once unpacked and patted.

The cover is machine washable and certified by OEKO-TEX to be free of hazardous chemicals and heavy metals, ensuring that it will not affect your health.

WhatsBedding offers a 180-day satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service to answer any questions.

Our Verdict

With our curated list of options and comprehensive buying guide, shopping for furry body pillows should become easy. If you have any questions, shoot them in the comments!

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