Best Juicer Blender Combo – What to look for

Before jumping into knowing the best juicer blender combo out there, let us first differentiate between the two individual machines. 

Juicer vs Blender vs Juicer Blender Combo

Isn’t a juicer and a blender essentially the same appliance? What is the need for both?

  • The fundamental difference between a juicer and a blender is what both devices leave behind. 
  • When you use a juicer, you remove all the fibrous material present along with fruit and leave behind only the liquid of the fruit in the process. On the other hand, Blending leaves behind everything – the pulp as well as the fibre of the fruit. 
  • Juicing usually has more concentration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, whereas a blended smoothie contains the richness of antioxidants from the fruit’s skin.

While both processes have their pros and cons, modern technology has made it possible for us to enjoy the benefits of both – juicing and blending using a single kitchen appliance. 

A juicer blender combo is a device that removes the juice from the fruits and vegetables and blends them to make you a smoothie. This way, you can enjoy the nutrition that you get from juice and also fill your appetite.

A juicer blender combo helps you enjoy various benefits that include less investment (one machine instead of two!), less space coverage on your countertop, and lesser energy consumption. 

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Best Juicer Blender Combo

We have tried to review the best products out there in the market to help you make a better choice. Let’s dive into the details!

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender

If you are shopping for a premium device that offers many features, then Ninja’s BL770 is the best juicer blender combo for your needs. This is a little expensive than the other tools, but it also provides more functionality like an inbuilt food processor.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender
Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender

It comes with a 72-ounce crushing pitcher, a 64 oz processor bowl and two cups for your juices and smoothies, which have a capacity of 16 ounces. 

It also has an 8-cup food processing bowl and two dough blades that come along. The crushing in this machine is so good that it turns the ice into smooth snow in a couple of minutes. 

It has five inbuilt manual programs that help you control your blending process. It can make juices, smoothies, dough and even dips for snacks using Ninja’s Mega Kitchen System Blender. 

There are not many products in the market that offer such a wide variety of services, so this is a recommended option.

Current Market Price - $159.99
Buy Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender from Amazon

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

NutriBullet offers the most versatile juicer blender combo available in the market. It comes with a multi-serving pitcher and also a single serving cup for individual preferences. 

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo
NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo

So now, you can make juices for both yourself as well as your family. When it comes to considering the technical specifications of this product, it comes with a 1200-Watt motor base, a 64 oz blending pitcher, tamper, a 32 oz, and a 24 oz cup. 

It has an easy twist extractor blade that removes the juices with precision and is also dishwasher safe and free. So, if you are looking for a cheaper choice than the previous product, then NutriBullet’s blender is a good choice for you.

Current Market Price - $114.87
Buy NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo from Amazon

Oster Blender | Pro 1200

The Oster blender is a low-cost product that comes with some impressive features as well as some drawbacks. It comes with seven different speeds for your blending process and three pre-programmed or in-built settings for most common creations. 

This functionality is beneficial when you don’t want to waste a lot of time making your juices or smoothies. It has a 1200-Watt motor base, a large 24 oz smoothie cup. 

Oster Blender | Pro 1200
Oster Blender | Pro 1200

This machine doesn’t come with pulp filters, and its plastic components are a little weak and might break easily. The company offers a 10-year extended warranty on this juicer blender combo, but it is only for the motor and doesn’t cover anything else. 

If you are looking for a low-cost and budget-friendly juicer blender combo with smart technology to automate the process of creation, then this is an option you must probably consider.

Current Market Price - $59.99
Buy Oster Blender | Pro 1200 from Amazon

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

The next up in our list in search of the best juicer blender combo is the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender. 

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

This machine comes with a low power motor of 700 W, a 40 oz large jar, a 20 oz travel jar and a 3-cup chopper, and it is relatively easy to clean. 

The most exciting thing about this blender is that it offers a 3-in-1 functionality that provides you with all the tools required for blending in large batches, single-serve batches or even chop vegetables and fruits using the food processor attachment. 

Considering its low cost and the number of functions it offers, the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender can be deemed to be a good choice. 

There are some disadvantages of purchasing this particular juicer blender combo, like its loud noise and low power motor. But if you don’t mind these and are on a tight budget, it can be an acceptable alternative.

Current Market Price - $64.99
Buy Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender from Amazon

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

Cuisinart is a well-known brand, and hence its products are also reliable. This juicer blender combo comes with many different accessories. The accessories include a BPA free Tritan Jar of 32 oz, two travel cups of 16 oz each, a chopper cup of 8 oz, four reusable straws, and a user manual to educate you about the product’s usage and maintenance. 

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender
Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

The big Tritan jar can be used for chopping fruits and veggies, whereas the small chopper can be used to break down solid foods like nuts or herbs. 

There are three different rotary controls to regulate the speed of blending, and it comes with the options of – pulse, low and high. 

Current Market Price - $99.95
Buy Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender from Amazon

Gocool 5 in 1 Food Processor

If you are looking for a juicer blender combo that does all kinds of operations for you ranging from chopping to blending, Gocool’s 5 in 1 food processor is the product you are looking for. 

Gocool 5 in 1 Food Processor
Gocool 5 in 1 Food Processor

This machine has an 800 Watt motor, and it offers five different functions – meat grinding, grinding, blending, juicing and slicing. You can also use their accessories for preparing dough or egg mixing and a variety of other kitchen tasks. 

It also comes with a 75mm feed chute that makes life easier as you can put whole fruit into the machine and leave the rest of the operations for it to perform. The two essential features that this device has is overload protection and security. 

The juicer will not start unless and until you assemble all its components correctly. It also automatically shuts down if the load on the juicer blender combo becomes too high to handle, thus protecting the consumer from any accidents that might occur. 

The only downside is that the components of this juicer blender combo are made out of plastic, which isn’t very durable, and the warranty period is also concise, just 90 days.

Current Market Price - $60 - $80
Buy Gocool 5 in 1 Food Processor from Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Juicer Mixer Combo

There are some common questions that consumers have before buying a juicer blender combo. We have tried to address those in the FAQs section below.

Is it a wise choice to buy a juicer blender combo? 

Isn’t it better to buy two separate machines as they might work better than a combination of two?

  • It is completely okay to have this question in mind. According to us, buying a juicer blender combo will not only reduce the cost of purchase (it’s one machine now, instead of two) but will also reduce the countertop space required to keep the device. And technology has advanced to a point where you no longer have to worry that a combo might be less efficient. Buying two machines v/s buying a combo will give you the same result.

What is the kind of motor that I should look for?

  • The best motor is the one that cuts through everything that you throw at it. Look for a motor that offers a high wattage of at least around 800 Watts or one horsepower. These machines will be fast, powerful and efficient, but they might make a lot of noise. If you don’t like that and have less device usage, you can go for a low Watt blender. It would help if you also looked out for motors made out of sturdy and robust material like stainless steel, plastic components or gears that may make your device prone to breakage.

What if I don’t want a big machine or a small serve blender?

  • There are many options available in the market for choosing blenders especially designed for single-serve settings or on the go blending. You can look out for models that include travel cups that you can close and blend your juice in. These machines are made to design for small quantities of fruits or vegetables and might be a feasible choice for people comfortable with the go blending.

What kind of warranties do these machines come with?

  • The warranties offered by different products and brands are different and range from a few months to about ten years. Before buying any appliance, make sure that you check the warranty period because an extended warranty period is a safe choice you can make. Also, look at the brand of the product because a good brand ensures good consumer support. 


Even though we have tried to review and list down the six best blenders in the market as per our knowledge and understanding, we urge you also to explore other options if the list mentioned above doesn’t meet your requirements. According to us, the best juicer blender combo is the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender and the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo. Even though their price is above 100 dollars, they are worth it as they offer a variety of functionalities, good motor power, and durable quality material. 

While purchasing, please take care to check the brand, the warranty period and the customer support offered by the company you are purchasing from. You can buy these juicer blender combo machines at any electronics or kitchen appliance stores near you or even e-commerce sites like Amazon. 

If you have any questions about juicer and blender combo machines, please drop them in the comments section and let us know! If you liked reading this article, please share it with your friends, family, or anyone in a dilemma while purchasing a juicer/blender! 

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